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Healthy Me, Healthy You

Between 2019 and 2022, I experienced a myriad of health issues. I had two surgeries within nine months of each other, and a possible surgery creeping up on the horizon. With a total of seven surgeries at just the young age of 30, I decided I would take care of myself to prevent an eighth. As with most Americans, I was not getting the daily recommended nutrients, supplements, and vitamins needed to maintain my health. I turned to the store bought juices to help replenish what my body was lacking. However, with most products there were hidden ingredients that are counterproductive to the healthy goal I was trying to reach.

I saved up enough money to buy myself a juicer one Christmas, as I dedicated the new year to actively achieving healthier results for myself. I started juicing my own ingredients feeling safer and more confident in what I was putting into my body. After all, you only get one. I could not keep this to myself, so I started sharing my juices with family members and friends to promote health.

Jooz By Jazz was created for the average human, who does beyond average things. Whether you are a busy worker, an athlete, an on-the-go parent, or in serious need of getting your health back on track, Jooz by Jazz is for YOU. A better you starts with a healthy you.

Image by Zlatko Đurić

Fresh Ingredients Daily

Each order is prepared with fresh ingredients that are hand picked by me. Organic fruits and vegetables are shopped for at the time you place your order, assuring you a great taste when you open your bottle and start your Jooz with Jazz journey. With your support, I strive to purchase from local farmers for you to experience the farm-to-table freshness and taste packed in each bottle.

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